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Express Title is Cornish Law’s in-house title insurance agency for commercial and residential closings, providing cost-effective and time-saving solutions for our real estate clients.

Our closing professionals and attorneys assist with acquisitions, the creation of subdivisions, creating restrictions and covenants, closing sales for Realtors, homeowners and relocation companies, sellers, purchasers, lenders, lessors, lessees, and commercial transactions such as donations, exchanges, transfers and tax deferred 1031 exchanges.

Commercial Title Insurance

Express Title is an issuing agent of First American Title Insurance Company.

Residential Real Estate Closing

Express Title Company has partnered with the most reliable and accurate title examiners to catch title issues that are often overlooked by prior closing agencies. We do all that is necessary to ensure that every transaction proceeds to a satisfactory conclusion by providing value-added and time-saving title and legal services under one roof. Whether you hire Express Title to simply identify liens and encumbrances and provide solutions to clear the cloud on title, or whether you want us to identify liens and encumbrances and do the work to clear the cloud on title on your behalf, rest assured, we will resolve your issues in a timely manner.

Tax Sale and Blighted Property

We have developed strategic methods to assist our clients with tax sale, adjudicated, and blighted properties. Many times, the owners of these properties have failed to pay property taxes for years. Louisiana’s unique tax sale and adverse possession laws make it possible for another individual to become owner. To do so, liens, encumbrances, judgments and mortgages cloud the title on these properties. This prevents good title from transferring to those who have acquired rights in the property. Cornish Law LLC will “quiet title” by taking legal action to settle competing claims to ownership. This will enable the property to be sold at fair market value and place back into the stream of commerce.

Title Department Services and Fees

Purchaser’s Fees – Sale

Document Preparation $350.00
Express Mail-Courier Fee $35.00 *
Incoming-Outgoing Wire Fees $25.00 *
Closing Protection Letter $25.00
Abstract $350.00 ***
Attorney Opinion Letter $275.00
Title Insurance-Lender’s Policy See Title Insurance Rates ****
Title Insurance-Owner’s Policy See Title Insurance Rates ****
Flood Elevation-If Required $275.00 ***
Survey-If Required $500.00 ***
Cost of Recordation-Sale Actual cost dependent on Parish
Cost of Recordation-Mortgage Actual cost dependent on Parish
Recording Services Fee $200.00
Title Curative Work/Litigation $2,500.00
Interested Party Research and Identification $500.00

The above Purchaser’s fees are valid only with the purchase of owner’s title insurance. They are applicable for residential properties only and represent a typical closing.

*Per occurrence **Orleans Parish only ***Estimate only – Actual costs will be charged ****Covers base title insurance rate only; does not reflect any endorsements required by lenders or requested by purchasers.

Additional Fees

Additional fees may be required if the mortgage is FHA or VA insured or if the property is not located in a subdivision. These fees do not include lender’s fees, property tax, curative work, or insurance costs.

Title Insurance

The rates for title insurance are regulated by the Department of Insurance. Therefore, title insurance rates are consistent throughout the state. However, your lender may require endorsements, which are also regulated by the Department of Insurance and may not be anticipated until the lender’s closing instructions are received.

Closing Funds and Costs More Than $2,500

Louisiana law requires amounts owed at closing more than $2,500.00 be satisfied with a cashier’s check or wire.

In-House Title Curative Work

The cost paid for an abstract and title examination is applied to the $2,500 of your costs should you hire us for title curative litigation services. Our expertise allows us to timely solve the most complex problems that arise in title curative work. Our highly experienced and reliable professionals will apply the procedures and the law for satisfactory results.

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