About The Firm

At Cornish Law LLC, our clients’ goals become our mission. Attorney Trachelle L. Cornish works closely with a support staff of committed administrative professionals. She is extremely well-versed in the pre-litigation resolution of problems and she stays knowledgeable of the cases on which she is working. Clients benefit from this approach by receiving consultation and representation that gets results. She serves with professionalism and passion. At Cornish Law LLC, our clients will receive responsive attention and achieve the most cost-effective solutions without compromising the quality of their legal services.

Successions Specialization

Cornish Law attorneys have a wealth of experience in handling difficult wills, successions, and probate issues. Our services include wills, small successions, simple possession, testate simple possession, administration of an estate, pre-litigation settlements, litigation, powers of attorney, and the resolution of will disputes among successors and beneficiaries, including disinherison, renunciation, and forced heirship disputes.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Cornish Law LLC will meet your commercial and residential real estate needs and provide document drafting services for virtually any types of transactions, including, but not limited to acts of sale and purchase, leases and rental agreements, financing agreements, agreements for the sale and purchase of mixed use and income-producing units, counteroffers, letters of intent to purchase commercial real estate, and quitclaim deeds. We are dedicated to employing strategies that enable property transfers and that quiet title on property. Use our experienced attorneys to engage in negotiations for complex transactions on your behalf, review legal documents, provide advice for real estate transactions, and pursue litigation.

In-House Title Insurance Agency

Our clients enjoy the advantage of receiving legal services, title insurance commitments and other related services such as title opinions, title examinations, abstracts of title, appraisal services, recording services and title updates under one roof. This allows our clients to improve efficiency and receive commercial and residential legal and title services under one roof.

Diligent and Cost-Effective Commercial and Business Litigation Practice

Cornish Law LLC will diligently pursue a just and fair legal remedy for its clients in the most cost-effective manner possible. Our experience has enabled us to provide comprehensive services from start to finish and ensure our clients not only obtain a favorable judgment, but also exercise their rights to satisfy judgments by pursuing wage garnishments and the judicial sale of the debtor’s assets. All too often, other firms’ clients are left holding a value-less paper judgment because the debtor has not paid the judgment. Allow us to use our finely honed ability to obtain results in your favor and collect on the judgment.

Additional Litigation Areas:

  • Wills and Successions
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Trust and Estate Litigation
  • Real Estate and Property Litigation
  • Construction
  • Personal Injury
  • Premises Liability
  • Breach of Contract
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Takings and Eminent Domain Litigation
  • Title Insurance Litigation and more

Office Location

New Orleans Office
201 St. Charles Ave. STE 2555B, New Orleans, LA 70170
Phone: 534-638-9050
Email: tcornish@cornishlawllc.com