List of Service Offerings


Breach of Oral, Verbal, or Written Contract

Failure to Complete a Project

House Not Constructed in a Workmanlike Manner

Abandonment of Construction Project

Defective Construction, Defective Design

Subcontractor Against Contractor and Surety


Subcontractor Services

Affidavits for Payments

Contractor’s Final Affidavit of Payment to Subcontractors

Bid Proposal Form for Construction of Building

General Bid Proposal Form

Construction Contractors – Bonds

Bond Claim Notice


Certification of Completion by Contractor

Change Orders

Change Order for Construction or Repairs by Contractor

Work or Change Order to Subcontractor by Contractor

Change Orders – Compensations

Compensation for Change Orders and Builder Allowance Overages and Underages

Commercial Contracts

Contract for Construction of a Commercial Building

Completion Notices

Notice by Owner of Completion of Construction Work


Construction Contract for Home – Fixed Fee or Cost Plus

Architectural Contract

Contract for Construction of a Building with Architect to be Owner’s Representative During the Construction Period

Basic Construction Contract

Bathroom Remodeling

Change Orders

Commercial Contracts

Management Contract

Management Agreement

Owner and Contractor Agreement

Basic Building and Construction Contract between Owner and Contractor


Agreement with Plumbing Contractor for Installation and Construction in a Commercial Building


Agreement between Contractor and Owner to Remodel Residential Building

Soil Cultivation

Contract for Cultivation of Sol Between Landowner and Self-Employed Independent Contractor

Stop Payment Notices

Stop Payment Notices by Subcontractor to the Holder of Construction Project Funds

Time and Materials

Time and Material Building and Construction Contract – Owner to Supply Materials

Cost Plus Contracts – Home Improvement and Remodeling

Basis of Payment

Covenants – Noncompetition

Covenant Not to Compete for a Construction Business

Estimates – Improvements

Replacement Window Estimate

Guides and Handbooks

Contracting and Constructing Law Handbook

Liens and Complaints

Lien Notice

General Form of Claim or Notice of Lien by General Contractor

Lien Waivers

Waiver of Lien


Joint Check Agreement by Contractor

Project Management

Construction Project Information Sheet

Projects – Bidding or Bidders

Bid on Construction Project, Bid Submitted with Check


Contractor Quote, Proposal and Contract Proposal for Labor and Materials


Construction Contract for Repairs

Proposal and Contract for Construction or Repairs by Contractor

Remove House

Agreement to Remove House

Stop Payment Notices – Disputes

Notice by Contractor to Claimant of Dispute of Claimant’s Claim Described in Stop Notice to Withhold Funds to Holder of Funds

Stop Payment Notices – Satisfaction

Certificate of Satisfaction of Stop Notice Claim or Notice to Withhold Funds

Stop Work Orders – Real Estate Contracts

Stop Work Order by Letter

Stop Work Orders – Real Estate Contracts

Stop Work Order Form for Construction on Personal Dwelling

Subcontractor Agreements - Steel

Agreement to Subcontract Steel Erection for the Steel Fabricator

Construction Contract with Subcontractor

Electrical, Drywall, and General Construction Contract with Subcontractor

Liability Waivers

Subcontractor for Construction of Portion of Building, with Subcontractor to Perform Work and Furnish Materials, Equipment and Labor and to Assume Liability for and Hold Contractor and Owner Harmless from any Damage to Persons or Property

Purchase Orders

Purchase Order for Labor and Materials to Subcontractor

Manufacturing Facility Contracts

Contract for Design and Construction of Manufacturing Facility

Construction – Orders

Construction Contract Change Order

Construction Contract – Residential Dwellings and Homes

New Residential Dwelling

Contract or Agreement for the Construction of a Residence or Home


Home Builder’s Warranty Agreement

Constructions – Home Improvement or Remodeling

Home Improvement or Remodeling Construction Contract

Employment Contracts – Construction Managers

Employment Agreement with a Sales and Construction Manager of Land Development and Residential Home Construction Company

Employment – Independent Contractors – Construction Workers

Self-Employed Independent Contractor Construction Worker Contract


Waiver and Release of Lien by Contractor

Loans and Lending – Contracts – Building or Construction

Building Loan Agreement Between Lender and Borrower

Real Estate – Construction Contractors – Affidavits

Owner’s and Contractor Affidavit of Completion and Payment to Subcontractors

Real Estate – Escrow Agreements – Construction Contracts

Escrow Agreement Regarding Deposit to Fund Completion of Construction of Residential Property Under Construction Contract with No Construction Loan

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