Business Formation

Cornish Law LLC will establish your corporation to meet your growing business needs. A corporation is one of the oldest and most widely used business structures. Louisiana corporations are uniquely governed by newly established laws that can be very complicated and you should be advised by a competent professional who will be certain your business interests are protected. The slightest deviation from the rules can be very costly for your business and its associates. Cornish Law LLC will assist you with the most advanced business formation techniques. From the formation of S-Corps, LLC’s Partnerships, and Partnerships in Commendam, in addition to providing legal representation for the simplest and most complex business transactions and management functions, Cornish Law LLC has you covered.

Newly Formed Business

The first step we will help you determine is which business form best meets your needs. We also work with accountants, insurance agents, real estate agents, wealth advisors, and other professionals to assist their clients with their incorporation needs. Our services include providing advice about which business entity to form and the advantages and disadvantages of each business structure. We also help out-of-state companies become legal and licensed in Louisiana when they are ready to do business here.

Established Business

Established businesses that start up with little organization and now need tough questions answered will receive the help that is needed at Cornish Law LLC. We will review your initial formation documents and partner agreements to be sure they comply with Louisiana’s newly revised business laws. A business’s longevity depends heavily on whether it can properly protect itself from liability and succeed in litigation. Determine whether your business or its associates will likely be held liable in a lawsuit. Know the limitations and powers of your members, officers, and shareholders. Know when you are entitled to receive a damages award after there has been a breach of fiduciary duty within your company. Be advised about assigning rights, admitting new members, withdrawal, and dissolution. Be proactive in how you manage your business affairs and avoid potential pitfalls and litigation. Have the power to govern your members, directors, officers and shareholders using procedures that protect your decisions to call board meetings, effect mergers and acquisitions, acquire and dispose of assets, issue shares, and oust or appoint new members, directors, or officers.

Our Services Include:

  • Entity Formation and Start-up
  • Professional Entity Formation (for doctors, accountants, lawyers, architects, etc.)
  • Get an EIN (Employment Identification Number)
  • Prepare a S-election
  • Prepare Bylaws
  • Prepare Resolutions and Meeting Minutes
  • Transfer an Existing Business to another Entity
  • Prepare and Negotiate Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Change an Entities Name or Registered Address
  • Agreements to Add or Remove Shareholders/Members/Partners
  • Buy or Sell Shares
  • Mergers and Reorganizations
  • Dissolutions of Entities
  • Preparing Custom Shareholders Agreements
  • Negotiating Shareholders Agreements
  • Litigation
  • Entity Formation and Start-Up
  • Change/Customize Operating Agreements
  • Entity Mergers and Reorganizations
  • Change/Customize Partnership Agreements