Premises Liability

Property owners in Louisiana are required to keep their property in a reasonably safe condition for their guests. To recover for premises liability claims, the burden of proof must be established for the court to determine who should be liable for claims and what percentage of fault should be allocated. We work to protect both business owners and injured patrons from claims that arise. Cornish Law LLC defends business owners against all liability. On the other hand, we work to ensure injured patrons are compensated for all available remedies. All opportunities for favorable resolution are explored before incurring the expenses associated with trial. When a matter cannot fairly be resolved by a settlement agreement between the parties, the judicial system is utilized to ensure that the best possible results are achieved.

Establishments that commonly seek representation are retail establishments, industrial facilities, food stores, pharmacies, public facilities, restaurants and bars, convenience stores, apartment complexes, hotels, educational facilities, churches, railroad property, nursing homes, commercial property, and residential property.

  • Acts of others and things in custody: Art. 2317
  • Assumption of responsibility by lessee; liability of owner: R.S. 9:3221
  • Burden of proof in claims against merchants: R.S. 2800.6
  • Damage caused by ruin, vice, or defect in things: Art. 2317.1
  • Damage caused by ruin off building Art. 2322
  • Employers’ duty as to safety R.S 23.13
  • Liability for acts causing damages Art. 2315
  • Liability of owner or occupant of property not used primarily for commercial recreational purposes
  • Limitation of liability for public bodies R.S. 9:2800
  • Limitation of liability of landowner of property used for recreational purposes; property owned by the department of wildlife and fisheries; parks owned by public entities R.S. 9:2795
  • Limitations on general damages against the State and its political subdivisions R.S. 13:5106
  • Louisiana merchant liability law R.S. 2800.6
  • Motion for summary judgment La. C.C.P. Art. 966
  • Non-liability of contractor for destruction or deterioration of work R.S. 9:2771
  • Warranty against vices or defects Art. 2696
  • Waiver of warranty for vices or defects Art. 2699